Peace be upon you all,

My name is Tusha Diaz I’m the founder of Latino Muslims Of New York
Currently we are asking for your help.  Please look into your hearts to help us open a halal Soup Kitchen and food Pantry that will be open to serve all. This will be an interfaith center for all to come together, God willing.

We are located in The Bronx, where we currently don’t have a soup kitchen open. We need a pantry that will provide complete meals for The Community, We have an approval from The food Bank of New York to provide food to us, but we don’t have a place to store it or an area to cook for the soup kitchen.

The soup kitchen will provide, Lunch & dinner will be served. with an option to take your food home for later.

Everyday we cook 80lbs. of chicken with Rice, to deliver to those in need all of this out of my own kitchen.

We love to feed the community but we need to have a place were they can come to eat and where we can store the food. we will continue to deliver door to door for those that are not mobile, due to sickness or handicap.

We are storing food in the van, we have no place to prepare the food bags, its very hard to move the stuff around, when you have 20 boxes in the van.  We use the van to store, transport and deliver all foods.

This is something that has never been done before here in The Bronx and with your support it can be done.

Here at Latino Muslims Of New York we are cooking daily to feed Homeless people, people in need, seniors & non-cooking shelters around the The Bronx.