My Name is Tusha Diaz. I’m creating this Go Fund me to purchase a Truck for The Bronx Food Pantry. I am passionate about serving those in need. 

I often say, “The Bronx is the forgotten Borough.” Statistically, the Bronx has the highest poverty rate and I wanted to change that by having food resources for a community that is already struggling to make ends meet.

My organization is registered as a 501c3. The Bronx Pantry is located in an area known as a food desert. The community depends on me every week in order to eat. My pantry doesn’t require ID for the sole purpose of undocumented families or for individuals that don’t have identification, like the homeless. We don’t need referral letters to support the needs of the people.

Each week, sometimes multiple times a week, I’ve been renting Uhauls to get the food to and from the pantry. This has been costly. Having a dedicated van to transport the food would make feeding those in need easier — and it would provide me with the ability to feed even more people.

I was raised in the Bronx and used to wait on the cheese line for a block of cheese back in the days when the food stamps were paper booklets. Growing up in a low income home you know that the food wouldn’t last the entire month, sometimes we would take food on credit from our local grocery store. I was raised to appreciate every single grain of rice, every slice of bread. I never took for granted the hard word my mother put into feeding us. I know what it is to feel hunger and now I can’t stop feeding those that are in need. We never thought we had to get on welfare and wait for a check to eat, nobody does and nobody wants to either. That is why I’m on a mission to help those who need an extra hand. That’s why I’m committed to “feed the need”.

Anything you can donate is greatly appreciated!