Sacrificio “El Legado del Mensajero de Alá” Lección 1 Imam Wesley Lebron

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“Whoever guides to good, gets the same reward of all the good they helped to accomplish!”
MAS NY is committed to their Reverts Reconnect program where they are helping our convert family on their journey towards Allah.
Converts go through many struggles such as:
– Family Issues due to New Faith – Jobs & New Faith – Friends – Struggling with learning a new language – Learning how to pray – learning how to make wudu. – Learning to read Quran – and the long list goes on…
We, at the Muslim American Society of NY are dedicated to be by their side every step of the way and help them grow by watering the seeds our instructors, mentors, and Imams help to place and cultivate within their hearts.
Join us in helping them by donating today to:
Venmo: MAS-NewYork
In the comments section of your donation please write: For Reverts Reconnect.
All we need is
10 people $1,000 or
20 people $500 or
40 people $250 or
80 people $125